$3 million of customers money lost in BCA Jambi, Indonesia

Massa berorasi didepan kantor BCA Jambi.
SERUNESIA.COM – Ati (40), customers of Bank Central Asia admitted lose money savings amount to Rp 40 billion ($ in Bank Centra Asia (BCA) Branch Jambi, Indonesia. This case has been reported to the police, but until now there has no clarity.
Ati (11/9) also held a demonstration in front of the BCA Branch Jambi. He requested that the bank management to provide a solution for his money.
But until the news was revealed, there was no official statement form BCA Branch Jambi. Ati feel desperate, because, the missing money is not small, reach Rp40 billion in BCA and Rp60 billion ($4.501.946.49) in onother banks.
Therefore, Ati demanded that BCA and other banks provide solutions as soon as possible. This shows that fatal negligence of bank procedures. “I want my money back,” said Ati.
He admitted there was a fraud against his documents, so that funds can be transferred by others from his savings. Fatal, when the withdrawal of funds, he as the owner of the account was never confirmed by the BCA.
Meanwhile, Darwisman, the chairman of financial services authority (OJK) representative of Jambi Province said that they will invertigate this case. “We’ll investigate this case,” said Darwisman.(yj03/mui/clp)


Translate by: Kaspul Anwar 


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