Prevent Forest Fire, Muarojambi Police Prepare Full Strength

Kapolres Muarojambi, AKBP Dedi Kurnia Sirergar. Foto: Istimewa

SERUJAMBI.COM, Jambi-Muarojambi Precint police (Polres) will issued full power to anticipate forest and land fire in Muarojambi district. This is done as a form seriouness of police chief (Kapolres)to handling land fire in Muarojambi areas.

AKBP Dedi Kusuma, police chief of Muarojambi said that they will issue 2/3 of existing strength to handling this problems. As for the handling, will be done in 3 ways, preventive, persuasive, and law enforcement ways.

“We’ll all out to handle this problems. 330 of Muarojambi precint police (Polres) and subprecint police (Polsek) standby, if we needed. And, We also synergize with the TNI, BPBD, and the public order officers (Bhabinkamtibmas) to handle it,” said Dedi.

For prevention, the police will be socializing the rule to the society. All elements of public order officers will be asked to socialize the rule. People will be urged not to burn forest and land, althought in small areas. Feared, it would cause forest and land fire.

However, if any person deliberately breaking the rule, it will be dealt with the firmly. “we’re serious about this, and don’t mess around,” said Dedi.

On the other hand, Regional Military Command (Dandim) 0415 Batanghari, Lieutenant Colonel Infantery (Letkol) Denny, said that TNI will be asked all personel to provide education to the society, to keep their land from land fire.

“We’ll maximize all existing personel in every level. And we’ll also used additional strength if there’s escalation in large areas,” he said.(clp/translate by Kaspul)

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